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A Note from the Executive Director

On my first day as Executive Director, I addressed the staff and told them that we are considered a best friend to thousands of people throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Everyone in the room was asked to think about their best friend and to focus on what their most important trait was, as well as the biggest impact they felt from them. The overwhelming response was, “my best friend is always there for me, especially during the most difficult times.”

Whether it’s through food, clothing, housing support, education or any of the other services we offer, Catholic Charities is always there in difficult times to help those in the greatest of need.

Thank you to our generous donors and volunteers who open their hearts to serving those less fortunate.

May God bless you always,

Jeff Negrete

Executive Director

Kelly Goodpaster


Ashlee Wolf


Joseph Cody


Virginia Sanchez

Fresno Client Services

Luis Ortega


Carlos Mayorga


 Virginia Mendoza

Administration & Volunteer Services

Lorraine Valencia


Dayana Contreras

Medi-Cal & LISTOS Programs

José Emmanuel Martínez Calderón

Immigration Services

James Coble

Disaster Relief Services

Sia Lopez

Asylee & Immigrant Services

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